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Postcards from Paraguay

May 18th

Rumb sud-oest celebrates six months on the road!

I’m in the town of Concepción, and hopefully tomorrow I’ll take a cargo ship along the rio Paraguay, up to Vallemí. The journey takes about 30 hours because the ship goes very slow.

Paraguay has a curious link to Germany. There are a few “colonias menonitas” living here since the 20’s. They came scaping from Europe because their religion was excluded. It is something similar to the amish, but not so strict; they use electricity and the new technologies. There are also ucranians and a Japanese settlement. Paraguay sold a piece of its territory to Japan, and Japan gave the opportunity to people that was living in very basic and bad conditions to move there. It is a little bit weird to see this mixture (germans, ucranians, japanese, and paraguayans) when walking on the streets.

Here I’ve found just long distance travelers, for example Finneke from Holland (already 8 months), Sam from Switzerland (also 8 months), or Kevin; a Bolivian-German guy who is traveling by bicycle in South America since 1,5 years ago. Te das cuen?!?!?! Tea duck queen?!?!?!

I want to dedicate a song to the people that is following me through my blog. It’s by Mark Knopfler, a real megacrack. He is one of the best and most talented guitar players in the galaxy. He creates three kinds of songs: great songs, very great songs and genial songs. This one belongs to the last group. My Swiss friend Dänu (*) would say, with his funny Portuguese-Italian accent when he tried to speak Spanish: “es un tipo talentoso!”.

Please, listen the song carefully and watch the video. Enjoy it!


(*) Daniel Boemle passed away more than four years ago. He had the courage to choose the option of the euthanasia to finish with all the pain due to a long illness. He was one of the most interesting persons I met when I lived in Switzerland and one of the most intelligent humans I’ve ever met. Wherever you are, I’m still missing you, my friend!



  1. Ei Lexisssss!
    Quant de temps sense entrar al teu bloc!!! Tinc feina per llegir-ho tot però així em distrauré de la “mala llet” que m’entra quan veig els resultats electorals de Barcelona, de Catalunya i de tot l’Estat en general. Quan tornis per aquí potser ni ho reconeixeràs…A excepció del País Basc, les dretes ja dominen de forma esgarrifosa…Em costa d’entendre!!! Només et diré que fins i tot a Badalona ha guanyat el PP !!! Al·lucinant!!!!

    En fi, a tu tot això et queda mooooolt lluny però avui és un dia trist perquè la gent “treballadora” hem perdut una mica més i la gent jove cada dia ho tindrà més difícil!!!

    Bé vaig a consolar-me, endinsant-me en els teus relats i en la guitarra del Daniel!
    Sigues feliç!!!
    T’envio una abraçada plena, plena d’estima!!!

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