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Puerto Iguazú (i II)

May 7th

Since we completed the visit to the Parque Nacional Iguazú in one day, we went back to tourist information to look for other ideas.  There isn’t much to do here, but they did recommend a wildlife conservation shelter and an orchid garden.

The animal shelter (called Güirá Oga in Guarani, güirá means birds, and oga, house, so house of birds) rescues jungle animals that are injured, illegally captured for trade found during border crossings, etc.  They seem to have a good conservation biology program. The most impressive were the raptors.

We catched the bus back to town and headed to the orchid garden. The entrance was for free, but it would be a swindle to make people pay for that. The best were not the flowers, but the hummingbirds that were flying around.

We had lunch and a non-stressful afternoon. Anyway I had to change the room again, so I had to move the Dani’s luggage and mine to the new room, as she was waiting for me in the street when I went to take my guidebook and the receptionist gave me the “new”. Once in the new room (the third in two days) there were more problems, some people that was there had to move as well, so that was a new prove that the staff of the hostel seemed to be quite ineffective.

Two “old” friends

Dani is going to take a bus to Buenos Aires at 17.00h. I go also to the bus station, helping with the bags. I have nothing better to do and I prefer to spend time with her. With some sadness I say goodbye to my hiking partner, a little bit tempted to jump in the bus with her to Buenos Aires.

There is nothing more to do here. I check the possibility to go to Itaipú dam tomorrow,  but on the Paraguayan side is close now (there is a strike) and in the Brasilian side is not for free, and the easiest option is joining a tour that goes as well to the Brasilian side of the waterfalls, and also to do shopping in Ciudad del Este (Paraguay). I hate shopping and I don’t like to join a tour for that. “No hace falta decir nada más!”.

The streets are crowded of people and motorbikes in the evening. It is the last night of the event, so there will be a big party and a lot of noise tonight.

That was the worst of these days in Puerto Iguazú.

It was ok to visit the National Park and to see the waterfalls, but after a while it was a bit monotone to see the waterfalls from different angles and perspectives.

The best was, by far, to meet Dani.


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