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Punta Arenas

I’m already in Chile. I arrived one week ago, but I’m not used (yet ) to the new currency (Chilean pesos).

After two days recovering in the hostel, I went for a short walk the 3rd January. I liked the city of Punta Arenas, I don’t know if due to those days closed between walls and with the stomach very sensitive. It was raining though. Since then I’ve been eaten mainly boiled rice, and also some fruits, yogurt and bred. And drinking lots of tea.

Punta Arenas (main square)

I went for a half day tour to fuerte Bulnes, 60 km south of Punta Arenas.

Bahía Mansa

In a cross between Bahía Mansa and Fuerte Bulnes there is this column:

From here (the white star), there is the same distance to the north of Chile (border with Perú) than to the South Pole, about 4.800 km.

Fuerte Bulnes

And in the way to get fit again for the trek I want to do soon, I went to Reserva Magallanes, eight kilometers far from the city. I did a short but nice walk there, and back to the city I hitchhiked.

Mirador Las Minas

7th January

I’m in Puerto Natales (arrived yesterday), resting and preparing the trekking to Parque Nacional Torres del Paine.

This morning I changed to another hostel. The woman from the 1st one was only interested to sell me the bus ticket to the National Park. Moreover, the dormitory was quite small and no place to put your stuff.

Esto es un desfile de mochileros, turistas, pardillos, y algún que otro desalmado. Este pueblo es punto de paso para ir a Torres del Paine. Por aquí hay mucho gore-tex.


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